REVIEW: Alex Radus – Tributaries (Recorded Live at Godfrey Daniels)

Alex Radus’ new album, Tributaries – Recorded Live at Godfrey Daniels, is a beautiful amalgamation.

The 14-track volume – tracked in front of a live audience at the landmark Bethlehem, PA listening room – serves as a melting pot of sounds, stories, and regional influences, from Austin, TX all the way up to New Hampshire. Designed to capture the imaginations of listeners far and wide, the record is sure to keep you hooked from start to finish.

Want something rootsy? “Turn Down the Hurricane” is a strong opening statement that leaves room for intricate musicianship and pure passion. Looking for tenderness? The wistful “Cassini” and “It Takes a Heart” will tug at your emotions with equal parts heartbreak and resilience. Throughout the record, there’s influence from across the musical spectrum, from jangly rock and roll (“It Could Be You”), to blues (“North Star,” “The Bright City Lights”), to funk and soul (“I’m Yours”), improvisational jazz (“Leaving NYC”), and even a little bit of swing (“We Can’t Play Like Django” ft. Pyrenesia).

Through it all, there are two common threads: The first is Radus’ gripping lyricism, which paints vivid, real-life pictures that put the listener directly in the middle of each scene as it unfolds.

The other? Radus’ mastery of his own vocal instrument. The hour-long record features the versatile crooner speaking brilliantly to each moment, from triumphant, powerful wails, to the most vulnerable moments delivered with impeccable grace and finesse.

It’s finally here, and no matter your taste, it’s for you. Treat yourself to Tributaries below!

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