WATCH: Cruise Through the Night with Pauline Andres and ‘Speed Racer’

Are you ready to get into your car and get lost in the night?

If you are — and even if you aren’t, but want to be — we have something for you! It’s “Speed Racer,” the shimmering retro-pop single from Pauline Andres.

The Nashville-based artist — known once upon a time as Americana’s Darkest Darlin’ — has recently shifted gears toward a compelling electropop sound that glistens like the city skyline on a clear summer night. “Speed Racer” has an impeccable bass groove, which underscores gorgeous synth layers and Andres’ smoky vocals to create a sultry and mischievous romp through the dark streets of Nashville.

“Speed Racer” also presented Andres, who also produced the track, with an opportunity to take risks and push herself creatively.

“I let the intro roll a measure more than your usual EDM template. I put my bridge before the second chorus. I kept those lines that added more meaning to the story, because that’s what’s allowing the song to be its true self,” she said. “I wanted to give it space. I didn’t make this song for any algorithm or radio. I made it for grown-ups driving at night and needing the perfect soundtrack for their ride. I think that turned out pretty good.”

We’d have to agree! Check it out for yourself and cruise along to “Speed Racer” below.

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