PHOTOS: Pepperwood and Nicole Boggs & The Reel at The Cobra Nashville

NashLive! made its first appearance of the year at The Cobra on Thursday night. It was bathed in the red lights of the venue’s front stage — and it might have been the most fun we’ve had in 2022 so far!

Who was responsible for that fun? A killer twin bill of Pepperwood and Nicole Boggs & The Reel, who rocked a packed front room on a beautiful Thursday night in Nashville.

Pepperwood hit the stage first, showing off their range across a 45-minute set that included tastes of alternative rock, pop punk, and even a little bit of blues sensibility. Super tight bass grooves and intricate guitar work underscored youthful energy throughout the set, which included the band’s latest anthem, “San Francisco.”

Nicole Boggs & The Reel — who recently released a new tune themselves — have a tight family dynamic that comes with years of performing together. The joy and chemistry between Boggs (who now serves as the band’s bassist) and guitarists Sam Gyllenhaal and Alex Kramer was felt by everyone in the room. That energy was matched by a dynamic set marked by gorgeous three-part harmonies, tight musicianship, and Boggs’ gripping, relatable storytelling.

Step under the red lights and take a look at our gallery, and check out what NashLive! is cooking up next!

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