LISTEN: On ‘Halfway to Amarillo,’ Tim Wolf Laments Lost Love

Are you ready for some heart-wrenching Americana? If so, you’re in luck.

Tim Wolf has graced us with “Halfway to Amarillo,” the first single from his upcoming debut album, Everything I Learned in Grade School (due out July 22). Steadfast rhythms underscore the anguished wail of the pedal steel guitar, as the South Dakota native copes with the regret of losing the one he loves.

“The song deals with what a lot of men go through when their partners wish to leave them because they have lost respect for their husbands,” Wolf said. “It’s often said women want their men to love them, but the husband needs his wife to respect him. When he loses that, it is more devastating for a man than if his woman said she no longer loved him.”

“Halfway to Amarillo” is an international effort; the tune was tracked at Wolf’s home studio in Nashville, as well as at Mistic Studios in Warsaw, Poland while Wolf was on tour last year. Mixing and mastering was handled by Kenny Schick of Basement 3 Productions.

Now, it’s here for you. Check it out below!

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