UMC20: The Best of April 2022

We have to give credit where it’s due: y’all brought the HEAT this month.

This was one of those months where narrowing things down to just 20 signature tracks proved to be quite the challenge. Nonetheless, we did it, and we think it provides a healthy, cross-genre snapshot of what April brought to the table.

See if you agree, and hear what made the cut below!

Track listing
Pepperwood – San Francisco
Alive Through Memories – Soul
Spirits Republic – Clear Cut // White Noise
Stone Senate – Good to Go
Tim Wolf – Halfway to Amarillo
Amanda McCarthy – Don’t Stop Me
Alex Radus – Turn Down the Hurricane (Live)
The Bishop Boys – Halfway There
Palmyra – Park Bench
Leah Jean – Charis Song (Gratitude Song)
Jerry Weston Mize – Trapped Deep
Pauline Andres – Speed Racer
Michele Ducray – Manifesto
Kate Cosentino – I Don’t Know Where It Went Wrong
Ahli – Twin Size
Haley Ganis – Just Pretty
Anastasia Elliot – London
Foundation Mecca – 1 Man Army
Tee Walls, Keith Mosley, and Esquire – All on Me

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