Songs You Should Hear: Women Finding Their Power; ‘Tennis’ Anyone?

Today, we bring you tunes from three female artists with a lot to say.

These songs cover some heavy-hitting topics — from domestic violence, to finding self-worth, to breaking the cycle of toxic relationship patterns. And, all the while, these are three strong cuts that touch a variety of genres. Listen below!

Artist: Crystal Bowersox
Song: The Storm
Genre: Americana/Blues
Why You Should Hear It: First of all, it will get you ready for Crystal’s appearance on Paradox Jukebox this Wednesday, May 4, where it will be the featured single. More importantly, “The Storm” has a powerful message — it’s a gripping, blues-infused single about overcoming domestic abuse and rape.

Artist: Nicole Boggs & The Reel
Song: Queen of the Dive
Genre: Rock/alternative
Why You Should Hear It: This sweet and somber mid-tempo rock tune is a personal account from Boggs, who wrote “Queen of the Dive” just days before she got sober. The new tune recalls the singer’s adventures navigating nightlife, and the emptiness that sets in after the lights come up.

Artist: Ria Barkr
Song: Tennis
Genre: R&B
Why You Should Hear It: The whirlwind of a toxic relationship can be a back-and-forth enthralling and infuriating. The Nashville-based R&B singer and producer uses an apt metaphor, as we watch two dysfunctional lovers volley back and forth between extremes. As for production, Ria co-produced it in Mansfield, England alongside UK-based producer, Jared Harding, with additional production credits going to recording engineer and vocal producer, CJ-0.

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