King with a Crown: Tee Walls Takes the Throne in “Rise Up” Video

Tee Walls, the Nashville-based hip hop artist and CEO of Wall to Wall Entertainment, continues to “Rise Up” as 2022 marches on.

Walls released a new music video for his single, “Rise Up.” Shot by videographer Adam Settle, the visuals feature Walls speaking his truth, while contemplating his own destiny as king of his domain.

The anthemic single – released on the heels of Walls’ 2021 EP, Ambivalent – paints a portrait of a man ready to claim his power and soar to new heights, despite the challenges we all face.

“For years, I’ve been waiting on the right break to happen at the right time,” Walls said. “Before the Ambivalent project, there was a lot of emotion on a lot of different things, and I was holding onto that stuff. Now that I’ve let that out, I’m ready to take that next step and finally rise to where I know I can be.”

Produced alongside mix engineer John Burk of Vibe Studios (Cleveland, OH), “Rise Up” showcases Walls at his most inspired, as he arrives to a new station of life marked by greatness and abundance.

“I want to be the next big thing. I’m here to make a statement, and the easiest way to lay that out is to say that I want to rise up into the picture,” Walls said. “I want everyone asking, ‘who’s that new guy?’ I want that new guy to be me.”

“Your answer is here,” he continued. “Let me be the one to heal you, to guide you; the one you listen to and appreciate lyrically going forward.”

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