ON SALE NOW: Tickets for ‘Ten Year: The Musical’

Back in March, we featured a Crowdfunding Spotlight on ‘Ten Year,’ a new musical composed by friends Wesley King and Jacob Heinz.

Tickets are now on sale for the production, which will run June 2-4 at Nashville’s Darkhorse Theater.

‘Ten Year’ follows the journey of Sam, a gay man as he approaches his 10-year high school reunion, while addressing the feelings we all encounter when we come to a crossroads in life. He has been waiting for this day to see his high school flame to get some answers, closure, or maybe to even rekindle the flame. When things don’t go as planned, he must decide if he will continue living in the past or it’s time to move on.

“This is a queer story, but it isn’t just for queer people,” King told UMC back in March. “It is a story about regret and living in the past, rather than being present in the moment. That is something that everyone can relate to. This story just happens to center around a queer character.”

Tickets to see Ten Year are $20, and are now available at this link. For a preview, check out a song from the show below!

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