UMC20: Bringing the Heat (May 10, 2022)

You had to know there’d be a weather pun, with summer making its first appearance of 2022 in Tennessee this week.

It’s also accurate, because (as always), we have your flavor of total fire on this week’s UMC20. Things get off to a hot start and keep burning — from hip hop, to metal, to folk, and all stops in between.

You know what time it is. Let’s go!

Track listing
Lord Goldie ft. Ej, TheMaker – ANDALE
Tee Walls – Rise Up
Noams and Lyda – cure for existential dread
Tatum Quinn – Sell Your Soul
Stacey Kelleher – Writing My Own Gravestone
Jasce – Chasing Clouds
Kyle Hume – Just My Type
Catfish Seminar – Park Bench
2 Shadows ft. The Veer Union – Scratching at the Surface
Duke Maroon – Heart Attack
Vezza – Miniscule Creep
Headshrinkers – Doorway Conversation
Echo Beach – Am I Dreaming?
Febueder – Bootchie
The Northwest – Shoreline
Ryan Thomas Smelle – Easier Said Than Done
Dallas Ugly – Saint-Louis
Alex Radus – Cassini (Live)
Swarme of Beese – I Sing to You
Half Shadow – Moonless (Unmoored)

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