Songs You Should Hear: Shake It Out; Blue Skies and Desire

Ready to cut loose and give into your desires? Well, then we have some Songs You Should Hear!

It’s not all willy-nilly, though; there’s also a tender ode to motherhood packed into this edition, just for the sake of giving you all the feels.

Let’s give you the chance to dive in, shall we?

Artist: Beth // James
Song: Shake It Out
Genre: Americana/Pop
Why You Should Hear It: Husband/wife duo Mikaela Beth and Jordan James Burchill comprise this Austin, TX-based duo, who released this fun, rootsy tune that is packed with loads of playful pop sensibility.

“Lately, we’ve been interested songs that don’t take themselves too seriously, so we wanted this one to just be carefree. Pure fun,” they said. “It’s basically about working all day on emails and constantly being bombarded with screens. The feeling of just wanting to cut loose, hang out, and not think about anything,”

Artist: Marc Ambrosia
Song: When I’m Craving Love
Genre: Alt-pop/rock
Why You Should Hear It: The New Jersey native — a long-time friend of UMC dating back to the OG Quinn Spinn days — is getting ready to release a new album, Edge, on October 28. “When I’m Craving Love” is the first single; an ode to boundless desire that comes through in the gravity of Ambrosia’s powerful wails.

“’When I’m Craving Love’ is a grand come-hither sort of song,” Ambrosia said. “It’s all about intimacy and desire. I’m not sure what or who I was thinking of when I wrote these lyrics, but I’d bet I was pretty damn horny at the time.”

Artist: Rose Starring
Song: No More Skies Are Grey
Genre: Pop/Acoustic
Why You Should Hear It: Why can’t every day be Mother’s Day? The Nashville-based songstress’ belated Mother’s Day ballad is released in tribute to her mother.

“My mom has always been my biggest fan and supporter. Throughout some of the toughest times of my life, she has been my rock, and has always gone to great lengths to pick me up when I’m down,” Starring said. “When she playfully suggested that I write a song for her, I had to do it, because no one deserves it more than her. This song is my tribute to her, and how her love and support has allowed me to become the person that I am today, and given me peace and strength in life when it’s been hard to find.”

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