LISTEN: Jasce Unveils Electro Dreamscape on ‘Chasing Clouds’

Jasce is back with a new indie dance music (IDM) track that is “focused on energy, joy, and youth.”

“Chasing Clouds” is the latest offering from the Philadelphia-based artist and producer. Meant to strike the listener like a dream, the airy, multi-layered soundscape supports a soothing melody that lends itself to the hope and possibility that exists within the universe.

“The beat is quick, like an excited heartbeat. The melodies are simple, yet convincing,” Jasce said. “The lyrics are about something familiar to any age. They are about chasing dreams, and wanting to share your journey with those you love.”

Jasce performed, recorded, and produced “Chasing Clouds” in its entirety, requiring nothing more than Ableton Live and a Telefunken M51 microphone to inspire us to dream. Have a listen below!

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