Songs You Should Hear: Find Yourself Again; Heartbreak and Hope

We’ve got some fresh, eclectic sounds to comprise this week’s edition of Songs You Should Hear.

Everything here has elements of pop. However, each song is by no means formulaic. Each one expands upon the boundaries of what pop music can be, blending styles making for exciting listens the whole way through.

Artist: Dorzell
Song: Alternative
Genre: Hip hop/R&B/pop
Why You Should Hear It: Simply put, this one has mass appeal! A smooth, laid-back instrumental underscores a strong melody, which the Battle Creek, MI native utilizes to deliver an honest, emotional message on this genre-bending gem.

Artist: Llore
Song: You Know
Genre: Indie pop
Why You Should Hear It: Sometimes, you must get lost to find yourself again. That’s the lesson Llore (real name Amanda Collins) once learned on a journey far from home.

“I wrote this song during a time when I was very far from home and felt very lost to myself,” Llore said. “I came to realize that I was the only one who would make the journey to reconnect with myself and protect that, and i promised myself I would never let that happen again.”

Sonically, “You Know” brings Llore’s journey to life with a mystical dream pop soundscape that highlights the magic of self-discovery.

Artist: Polartropica
Genre: Dream pop
Why You Should Hear It: This new single from LA Weekly’s Best Indie Pop Band of 2019 was written during a dark period; it is a goodbye song to a loved one, at a time when personal turmoil and violence against the AAPI community and seniors was on the rise at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, the track takes on a hopeful, triumphant tone; it is inspired by Terminator 2’s T-1000 Liquid Metal. Under pressure and attack, he melts down to an amorphous mimetic polyalloy puddle, but reforms himself stronger than ever — and is almost impossible to kill.

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