HOME Elite Artist Spotlight: Taylor Bickett

Once a month, we are partnering with Helping Our Music Evolve (HOME) in East Nashville to feature an artist who is enrolled in the organization’s Elite Artist Program, which teams recording artists with HOME’s Verified Producers and other business professionals to accelerate the process of creating and monetizing their music.

This month, we’re excited to feature Taylor Bickett. The musical storyteller is breaking barriers left and right — musically, her unique compositions present her truth in genre-bending fashion. In addition, Taylor recently had the honor of being crowned the first-ever female winner of Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem tournament.

One thing is for sure: Taylor Bickett is fearlessly marching toward her dreams, and there’s no keeping her — or her creativity — in a box. Learn about Taylor and her future aspirations, and then treat yourself to her latest single, “Green,” when you reach the bottom!

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Let’s start with Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem tournament. You won. Congratulations! Tell us about how you were selected and the entire experience.
My friend had encouraged me to apply, and I had heard of it. I had some friends who had done it, so I applied, and I did not expect to make it that far. I was like, “There’s a final show. Maybe I’ll get there.” And then I kept passing each round. I had a ton of support from my following voting for me, which is really cool that people actually care enough to go vote for you. I made it all the way to the finals, and it was fun. I met the other artists, who are all super talented and nice. And then, people came through again and voted me in alongside the judges.

They told me that I was the first female artist to win. I know that Nashville has the reputation sometimes of being a boys’ town, and it’s exciting to see girls taking over those parts of the industry. I definitely have been seeing that more recently, and I was honored to be the first female Music City Mayhem winner.

One of the perks of winning Music City Mayhem is that you’ve been brought into HOME’s Elite Artist program. Have you had a chance to collaborate with anyone yet?
I just was brought into the Elite Artist program because I just won the contest. I’ve connected to some people that I may be working with, and I’m going through the database and seeing people I’ve heard of and have been thinking about contacting, so it’s exciting to make connections. Everyone here is super welcoming and kind, and wants to help you out, and I’m really excited to have the whole year to take advantage of the studios, the networking opportunities, and everything.

“Green” is your most recent single. There are some jazzy undertones there, and there’s a broader discussion to be had about genre influences within your music, and how you don’t stay tied to one genre.
I consider myself an indie pop songwriter, and that’s so broad. There are so many veins of that, and I like it that way. I think all of my music fits together in its own way. “Green” is a bit more jazzy, and it’s honestly because of the chords I used. It was super fun to explore that side, and I felt like the tone and style fit the lyrics and overall emotion. It worked really well.

It’s fun to not limit yourself. Anything that comes from me is me. If I’m writing it, I’m not going to try to fit it into a tiny box. Genres are becoming obsolete – people are releasing what they want and what sounds good, and crossing genre barriers.

Artists seem to be discovering that power to write their own stories. That certainly comes through in your sound, as well as your storytelling and lyricism. What are some of the themes that inspire you?
My biggest thing is lyrics. The story is the most important to me, and the style that comes from that is just what happens. Some of the things I’ve written are more ficitonal stories, and some are non-fictional to my life. I like to blend those together. I write from friends experiences, my experiences, and even TV shows.

I’m really inspired by Joni Mitchell and Carole King – some of the iconic female songwriters – and more recent people, like Taylor Swift. One of Taylor’s recent albums has songs inspired by a movie, but you can tell that it feels so real to her. That’s what I want to tap into – maybe I haven’t had the experience, but I’ve felt the emotion.

What’s upcoming in 2022, as far as shows, new releases, and anything else on the horizon?
I’ve got some songs in the works. Nothing announced yet, but there’s definitely more music to come in 2022. I just released “Green” and “Zodiac Sign” before that. I’m playing a SoFar Sounds gig in Cleveland on June 4, and some more Nashville shows this summer that have yet to be announced.

I think it’s cool, because my whole career got a jump start because of TikTok. It’s cool to let TikTok choose your adventure, in a way, and jsee what people like and don’t like. After I release a couple things I have lined up, I’m going to see what my audience likes, but I also love releasing things that are important to me, so you have to balance it out.

What should we know about your future goals?
I’m super inspired by fiction. A giant goal one day would be to write a musical. I have a theatre influence and background, and it would be cool to create a big story like that. Theatrical writing is very narrative, and that’s what draws me to it. I’m going to write a musical one day. Mark my words!

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