LISTEN: Good News for Modern Man Questions if ‘Everything is Fine’

When you say “Everything is Fine,” do you really mean it?

Newly-minted Nashville indie rockers Good News for Modern Man have released their debut single to call forth the sarcasm that often accompanies that statement. The mellow, wistful tune meets at an intriguing intersection of shoegaze sensibility and cinematic ambiance. “Everything is Fine” features gorgeous harmonies as the icing on the cake, and is the band’s debut release.

“Most of the time, the moment when someone says, ‘everything is fine,’ they’re being sarcastic, because most of the time, it means things are falling apart,” the band notes. “You can let this moment bring you down, or you can find freedom in it and take inventory of all of the positivity in life.”

Another fun fact about “Everything is Fine” is that it came together from a jam among friends, and is responsible for the band’s very formation. We’d say they’re off to an exciting start!

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