Songs You Should Hear: How to ‘Cope,’ Reconnect, and Remain in Control

Those with diverse sonic palettes should rejoice at this week’s Songs You Should Hear!

These tunes, each distinct in its own sound and subject matter, have layers worth peeling back. Listen closely, and you might hear some intriguing — and even unexpected — influences make their way into a couple of these soundscapes.

Artist: Angry Son
Song: Cope
Genre: Rock/Alternative
Why You Should Hear It: There’s a clever blend of heartland rock, punk, and even a sneaky little hint of country in the sonic palette of this one. The Baltimore-based rockers use “Cope” to bring awareness to the mental health struggles we all endure, noting that “everything isn’t always perfect, but everything will always be alright.”

Artist: Flyin’ Hot Saucers
Song: Yelow’s Dance
Genre: Psych rock
Why You Should Hear It: Tired of our technologically-dependent society and all of its ills? This neo-psych rock duo has just the remedy. Tribal percussion and entrancing grooves drive us forward into a hypnotic melody that pleads with us “to stay connected to Mother Earth, despite how strange and disconnected our modern world has become.”

Artist: Ria Barkr
Song: stopwatch
Genre: R&B
Why You Should Hear It: Ria is on a tear, releasing slow-simmering banger after slow-simmering banger so far in 2022. This one features the R&B songstress in the power position during a conflict with her romantic interest, in a musical moment meant to “flip the script when it comes to females empowering their sexuality.”

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