UMC20: New Faces Week (June 14, 2022)

OK, so there are some familiar faces on this week’s UMC20… but for the most part, we have artists making their debuts on our weekly playlist.

This one’s also a rock fan’s dream — we’ve got all kinds of rock and roll and Americana flavors on this week’s edition, before things take a poppier turn later in the playlist. And, as is always the case, there are 20 good reasons to dig in!

Oh, and we’ve included a couple tracks in honor of our friends at On the Guest List…, who just welcomed The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney onto their podcast. Check it out here!

Track listing
The Black Keys – Wild Child
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – No Good News
Flyin’ Hot Saucers – Yelow’s Dance
Eric & The Soo – We Will Stay the Same
Francesca Louise – Odyssey
FRANSIS – Pin Me Down
Honey Dagger – Cloud 9
The Trampoline Delay – Don’t Let Go
Dust Mothers – Jamais Vu
Angry Son – Cope
Building Rockets – Purple Cadillac
All Poets & Heroes – Colorful Lungs
Kyra Gordon – I Love You
Oweda – Johnny’s Song
Foxtrot & the Get Down – Secondhand Sorrow
Kyshona – Out Loud
Haley Johnsen – Higher
Ria Barkr – stopwatch
POESY – Multiply
Kukaro – Challenge

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