Crowdfunding Spotlight: Support Catalina’s Next Genre-Bending Adventure!

Catalina’s mesmerizing vocal prowess is showcased through her soulful writing and expansive soundscapes. As a Chilean artist, Catalina has the ability to capture the audience through her Latin-influenced soulful pop sound and live shows. When she takes the stage, Catalina bares her soul to all who are willing to accept it; her playful eye contact, evocative emotions, and ferocious dance moves will draw you in. She achieved great success with her 2019 record, Multifacética, by providing another taste of her eclectic sound, as she shared the dualities of life through music and lyrics, in English and Spanish.

Fast forward to 2022 — one pandemic and a baby later — and Catalina is gearing up to release the collection of songs she wrote in 2020 for more genre-bending music. Learn more about the project below, and click the button to help bring it to life!

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First, tell us about the project: What’s the style/overall theme?
In true Catalina fashion, there’s no overall theme. *laughs* I think this project has the widest spectrum of them all. I dove further into musical and genre exploration with these five songs. I hope it surprises you as much as it surprised me. It’s music meant to loosen you up and get you dancing.

How far along is the creative process?
The musical process is fully complete, but there’s so much more that goes into the creation of a release. For me, releasing an EP or an album goes beyond the auditory component. I always envision a picture; a moment when I am writing, recording, and listening back to my music. It’s like a movie, and I need your help to show it to you!

What has fan response been to the crowdfunding campaign so far?
It has been incredibly supportive! Going into this, I was scared and nervous – it felt so daunting. I am so appreciative of everyone who has contributed and shared thus far, because it truly takes a village.

How will fan contributions help ensure the project’s completion?
These funds will go towards content creation (think album art, promo photos, and music videos), PR (Catalina on the media), and digital marketing (musical world domination!), altogether creating 10+ jobs for independent artists and contractors.

What will fans get in return for supporting your project?
All of the rewards! I’ve got some classic merch items and merch packages, but I have also carefully crafted some special rewards like handwritten letters, personalized poems, and lullabies, some Catalina’s Cocina-inspired recipe books, cooking classes, and more!

There are a lot of creative projects out there in need of funding. Why is *this* the one fans should get behind?
I am hoping people get behind this crowdfunding campaign because they believe in me and my music, as well as them wanting to support the alternative Latin music scene in Nashville.

What is your fundraising goal?
At least $10,000.

What is your fundraising deadline?
July 10, 2022.

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