WATCH: Erin McLendon’s ‘Cell Block Tango’-Inspired ‘Millie’ Video

Relationships had to have been easier before the advent of online dating, right? Wasn’t there a time, not too long ago, when true love lasted forever?

Well… not exactly.

As Nashville-based country artist Erin McLendon offers on her new single, “Millie,” the course of true love has never run quite as smooth as fairy tales and Disney movies may have us believe. The single — and all of its high-stakes drama — borrows inspiration from a true story from a previous generation in McLendon’s family, with certain details and names changed to protect the innocent (and not-so-innocent).

As for the video, the deadly details are interpreted visually by a Cell Block Tango-inspired dance routine, as McLendon — playing the role of bartender — tells her female patrons a tale of fatal attraction from many years ago.

The video, produced by Chris Palmer, was shot on location at TMProductions and William Collier’s bar, which is right next door to Marathon Music Works. Be among the first to watch it below!

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