WATCH: Fame and Fiction Embraces the Self-Acceptance Journey with ‘Enough’

The journey for self-acceptance is a difficult one for many in the LGBTQ+ community, who often find themselves up against a society that still preaches heteronormativity.

To celebrate Pride month, Nashville-based queer rock band Fame and Fiction is here to lend a voice to those overcoming these challenges with their new music video for their 2019 single, “Enough.”

The video — shot in and around Nashville — showcases a series of protagonists making their way through the world, trying to find the courage to show up as their true selves. They navigate through society’s expectations — fashion trends, beauty standards, outside judgment, and all — until ultimately finding acceptance within, and sharing it amongst each other.

“It is not only so exciting for us to be active after COVID, but to be able to share and spread our message of love and acceptance through music in such a delicate time,” the band said. “It really resonates with us.”

The video for “Enough” was released today, and will be commemorated this evening with a show at The East Room in Nashville. Doors open at 7, and music starts at 8. Pregame with the video below!

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