LISTEN: Greg in Good Company’s New ‘Dedication Song’

Los Angeles-based rock band Greg in Good Company is preparing to release their second album, and are getting us ready with the song that prompted frontman Greg Gilman to “keep singing my songs in public and take music more seriously.”

“Dedication Song” was penned eight years ago, in honor of a friend of Gilman’s who tragically passed due to a heroin overdose. Gilman first played the song at an open mic in Burbank, and was blown away by the audience’s warm response. Years later, he took it to producer Mitchell Haeuszer at LA-based HAUS Music, who helped craft it into the song you’ll hear below.

“It’s a song that honors those we lost, while also acknowledging not everyone has the same spiritual beliefs of what happens when we pass,” Gilman said. “So, it’s a call for religious tolerance; to respect each other and wish the best for everyone on their journey, regardless of where we think we’re going in the afterlife.”

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