LISTEN: On ‘DEAD END,’ Zoie X Illustrates the Frantic Anguish of Love’s Abrupt End

It’s always hopeful to hear a song about a love that bears fruit, even through the hard times. But, what if your experience in love has looked less like a flourishing garden, and more like a barren hellscape?

If you’re Zoie X, you write “DEAD END,” her first high-powered pop single of the year. “DEAD END” pulls no punches — for many of us, love seems to take more than it ever gives in return.

“Ever since I was young, I’ve always had this existential feeling towards love that it was pointless. There is no positive end to it. You always lose the person in some way. It’s a dead end,” she said. “I wanted the song to feel like the way love feels when it ends suddenly, like a crash you didn’t see coming.”

That crash hits suddenly on “DEAD END,” and the single’s frantic pace illustrates the mental gymnastics performed by those left to put the pieces together after being scorned once more. The swirl of anguish only amplifies when the chorus hits, as a DDR-inspired dance beat and scorching guitars are used in tandem to bring across the volatile emotional tidal waves that come with a fresh, abrupt betrayal.

Meet this “DEAD END” below, and check out Zoie’s other releases here.

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