UMC20: Worth the Wait (July 6, 2022)

We were catching up from the recharge of the long weekend yesterday, and decided we needed an extension on delivering this week’s UMC20 to your digital doorsteps.

With that said, we’re confident that these 20 jams are worth the wait. Surely, you’ve seen a few of these grace our pages in other ways in recent weeks. As for the others, they may be new to your ears, and you just might be hearing more about a few of them in the days ahead.

We’re back in action from the holiday, and as always, we’re bringing the heat! Come get some below!

Track listing
Ah-Deli ft. Thc – Good Time
Peachkit – Like It (A Lot)
Stacey Kelleher – Question It
Cami – Over There
Amanda McCarthy – Sunset
Emily Jean Flack – Goldie
Francis Moon & Dead Rituals – Life is Good
Jason Maxwell – For Now
Matthew Ryan Jacobs – Sun Goes Down
The Jared Stout Band – One Shot
Certainly So – Daydreams
Greg in Good Company – Dedication Song
Oh Lonesome Anna – Rushing Lattice
Kyoshi Station – Butterfly
Roi and the Secret People – Golden
Mason Levi – Cosmic Irony
Bronnie – Friendzone
Silent Monolith – Empty Kingdom

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