Songs You Should Hear: Got a ‘Death Wish?’; Keep ‘Running’ and Stay ‘Golden’

As a quick aside, figuring out how to incorporate all three song titles into each week’s Songs You Should Hear headline is consistently one of the week’s simple joys.

Another simple joy? Uncovering these songs in the first place! We’ve got some high-powered anthems on tap for you, and it seems like we should get right to them. Dig in!

Artist: Bronnie + Mason Levi
Song: Death Wish
Genre: Pop Punk
Why You Should Hear It: Because, first of all — and, as we learned on this week’s edition of The Quinn Spinn — these are two independent artists doing it right. As for the tune, it’s a high-energy, youthful summer anthem about those maddening relationships that never quite turn into relationships. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Crank it up!

Artist: Kara Frazier
Song: Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
Genre: Soul/R&B
Why You Should Hear It: This is a timely release, coming off the heels of Kate Bush’s resurgence as a result of this song’s appearance on Stranger Things. Frazier’s version offers a modern touch on the original, with her lush soul vocals and some gorgeous harmonies asthe icing on the cake.

Artist: Roi and the Secret People
Song: Golden
Genre: Rock
Why You Should Hear It: Frontman Mike Roi has always been an impeccable showman and a vocal powerhouse. You can hear his energy radiating through your speakers on this one, which is a feel-good anthem accented by robust, shout-along harmonies and the exquisite riffs of guitarist Ed Golden.

What do you think we should hear? You’re always welcome to let us know! And, if you’re an artist (or represent an artist), you can fill out one of these forms to put your music on our radar!

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