LISTEN: On ‘Body Count,’ Real Humans Address the Nuance of Human Nature

Isn’t it fitting that the debut single from a band called Real Humans would serve as a commentary on how we’re all… real humans?

That’s the theme of “Body Count,” a frantic and bombastic new single for fans of bands like Arcade Fire, Idles, and Royal Blood. Recorded in late 2021, the single was produced by J.Hall and mixed and engineered by Joe Costa, and communicates an objective notion about how to create real unity in our society.

“‘Body Count’ feels, musically, much like the anxiety-filled fever dream that has been our collective reality for the past few years,” the band said. “Lyrically, the song is about not putting people in boxes, based on politics, religion, race, gender, or class. No person is just one thing, and a great deal of nuanced understanding is required if we ever hope to see a better, more inclusive society.

These Real Humans aren’t stopping here; they have plans to release music for the rest of 2022. Let “Body Count” serve as your introduction below!

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