UMC20: Every Wednesday in July (July 20, 2022)

Tuesdays have been especially productive around here lately — so productive, that it’s taken us an extra day each week in July to compile the week’s UMC20 playlist.

Like its predecessor, this one’s worth the wait. It starts off with some raucous rock and roll (and gives a nod to this week’s NashLive! show at The 5 Spot), then heads into alternative, hip hop, and pop territory. We crossfade from pop into country, and finish it off with a solid helping of soul.

Find some new favorite tunes below!

Track listing
Real Humans – Body Count
The Velvet Hands – Holiday in My Head
Bandaid Brigade – Perfect
Future Cavemen – Battle Scars
Greasediver – Greasediver’s Lament
The Mad Sugars – Dizzy on the Floor
Forts Like Vana – BOTTOMS UP
Cs3 – Trouble
Rose Starring – Cherry Coke
Coleman.X – secrets
LOCKROCK – Beach Towel
Erin McLendon – Sunday Crowd
Mikki Zip – Poor Mama
Justine Blazer – Bad Love
Ali McGuirk – All Back
Josh Del – Burn
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – If You Can’t Be Cool
Pearl Diver – Heaven Help Me
Casii Stephan – Trust Fall

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