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UMC20: The Best of August 2022

We’ve had a multitude of adventures this month on the way to landing on the UMC20 Best of August. We even had a guest curator step in one week (thanks, Jenna!).

The end result? 20 different perspectives, informed by genre, life experience, and the tastes of multiple curators, mixed up into a musical gumbo pot and best served hot.

Hear the Best of August

LISTEN: Erin McLendon’s Self-Titled EP Proves to be Worth the Wait

The journey to Erin McLendon‘s self-titled EP — the follow-up to 2017’s full length debut, Making It Up As We Go — began in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We got our first taste last February, with the release of the raucous, unconventional love song, “Shakin’ In My Boots.” From there, we were treated earlier this year to a “Cell Block Tango” inspired tale of infidelity (“Millie”), followed by a cheeky nod to the holier-than-thou, titled “Sunday Crowd.”

The new record dropped in its entirety on Friday. Alongside the aforementioned moments, there are more memorable cuts that are sure to stir your emotions and have you nodding along.

Hear the EP

Songs You Should Hear: Vices and Sacrifices

The enchanting pull of toxic love. The hypnotizing allure of pushing a stone uphill toward an end goal. The temptation of greener pastures.

Life puts us in a variety of complicated situations and leads us through complex emotions. Today’s Songs You Should Hear illustrate the shades of grey we encounter as we navigate through life.

Hear What You Should

What is Women’s Equality Day & Why it Matters

According to NPR, only 12.7 percent of songwriters and 2.8 percent of music producers were female in 2021.

This alarming statistic shows how far the music industry has to go to achieve true equality.

Today is Women’s Equality Day, and our good friend Erin McLendon (co-founder of Music on the Move Studios) shares why it is important for those in the music industry to acknowledge the continued battle for equal rights — for reasons that stretch far beyond music.

Get Erin’s thoughts on the Music on the Move blog, and don’t forget to get tickets to Music on the Move’s next showcase — featuring an all-female, all-LGBTQ+ lineup — at The East Room on August 31.

Do What Feeds Your Soul: Communicating Your Truth Through Music with Kyshona

Kyshona Armstrong believes in the power of music to heal and communicate. Kyshona used her artist platform and background in music therapy to launch Your Song, a collaborative songwriting program that connects performing arts centers, musicians, and artists with vulnerable communities to promote healing and community connectedness.

This conversation is about building community, lifting each other up, and remaining fearlessly authentic to your truth and your vision. Listen to get inspired!


Question: Where Do You Want to See a NashLive! Show?

We’ve got a few NashLive! shows announced for the fall, and more to come. Some are at old haunts, and some are in previously uncharted territory (including this special one at Nashville’s iconic Listening Room Cafe).

Tell us what you think!

Tennessee Titans Battle of the Bands Finalists Announced

Back in July, the news broke that the Tennessee Titans are set to hold their second annual Battle of the Bands competition Thursday, September 8 at the Skydeck at Assembly Food Hall.

Now, the finalist lineup has been announced, and it features these five artists:

See the Lineup

GUIDE: Supporting the Mental Health & Well-Being of Musicians

Nearly 70 percent of musicians are struggling or have struggled with depression — an alarming statistic brought to light during the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest of the past couple of years.

Function Central has stepped in to help curb the trend. The U.K.-based booking agency — which manages 3,000+ live entertainment bookings yearly for companies like Gucci, BBC, Microsoft, and more — has developed a guide to supporting the mental health and well-being of musicians that is loaded with statistics and best practices to guide music industry professionals toward better mental health.

In this guide, you will find:

  • Important mental health statistics.
  • Information on the impact of working environments on mental health.
  • Healthy practices for mental well-being.
  • Additional support resources, including mental health support organizations.
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