UMC20: Back in the Saddle (Aug. 16, 2022)

I’m back in the saddle to supply you with this week’s fresh UMC20 playlist. However, the Sheriff isn’t back in town just yet. That’ll be in a few weeks, when I make my trek back to Nashville on Labor Day.

The good news? After my Musikfest adventure, I’m back to working remotely! I’ll be checking in as usual from here on, and I thought I would do so by bringing you some new HEAT.

Embrace the heat. Listen to UMC20 below!

Track listing
Light League ft. Foundation Mecca – Codes
Anastasia Elliot – Masquerade
Fake Dad – How Do I Cry?
Adam Wilson – Metamorphosis
Nyla XO – Done Being Sad
Gianna Alessi – Lover for the Week
Marc Ambrosia – What If I’m Right?
Ben Tyler – Doin It My Way
Glenn Astro and Hulk Hodn – Ghostin’
Allan Fine – Amber
Arliston – Mothering
Wesley David – Seesaw (Lose Your Own Duel)
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – Marina
Freedom Heartsong – Life at the Beach
Annie Keating – Sunshine Parade
Kramies – Owl and the Crow
Davey Horne – Welcome to the Future
The Western Express – Honky Tonk Saints
Jade Helliwell – Woman I Am
Jonathan Terrell – Texas

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