Songs You Should Hear: Real Life, Real Love, Real Motivation

This week’s Songs You Should Hear are here to keep it real.

In this week’s edition, we have three songs that are sure to stir authentic emotions, free of filters and filler. Whether bangers or ballads, these tracks will inspire something within you.

Ready? Let’s go!

Artist: Anastasia Elliot
Song: Masquerade
Genre: Art pop
Why you should hear it: Elliot’s powerful delivery is one of many highlights of this bombastic art pop masterpiece, which demands transparency from a world determined to blur the lines between real and insincere. Elliot says: “It is a commentary on desiring authenticity from others — whether in relationships, friendships or in our current social media, celebrity and influencer culture. We are always navigating the “masquerade” of the world, and trying to figure out what is real and what is fake.”

Artist: Light League ft. Foundation Mecca
Song: Codes
Genre: Hip hop
Why you should hear it: Because you need a motivational banger in your life. This booming anthem — produced by Ian Osborne and featuring the fire delivery of Nashville-based hip hop artist Foundation Mecca — will supercharge your quest toward greatness.

Artist: Marc Ambrosia
Song: What If I’m Right
Genre: Soul
Why you should hear it: An instantly timeless piano ballad, “What If I’m Right” meets Ambrosia wrestling with the notion of an unrequited love that, in his heart, feels like a sure thing. The New Jersey-based songwriter holds out hope that the object of his affection will have a change of heart… but as of now, he’s still waiting.

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