LISTEN: On ‘Lighthouse,’ Mandy Moon Honors Her Grandmother’s Memory

Let’s ease into the week with a gentle celebration of life’s beauty — through all of its varied phases and emotions.

Nashville-based soul singer Mandy Moon released a stripped version of her tune, “Lighthouse,” over the weekend. With nothing more an electric jazz guitar, a light layer of atmospheric keys, and her golden voice, Mandy takes us through the highs and lows of love and loss, as she captivates us with a tender homage to her grandmother, Denise, who passed away in April 2019.

Denise, who was a French watercolor painter, enjoyed painting lighthouses. Her passion was captured not only in the single’s title, but its artwork, which was painted by Denise herself.

“’Lighthouse’ is for my grandma, and it will always be dedicated to Denise,” Moon said. “I hope the song touches anyone who is or has dealt with grief, depression, and/or loss of a loved one. Life is beautiful in all its phases, even where it’s hard to see past darkness.”

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