Songs You Should Hear About Breaking Away and Breaking Free

Musically, these three songs are quite different from one another. However, with music being the universal language and all, that doesn’t mean that they don’t share common themes.

This week’s Songs You Should Hear are about breaking free: from the rigors of everyday life. From the throes of addiction and pain. From relationships that do not reflect our best selves or our best interests.

If any of that resonates with you, please step inside.

Artist: Dan Kenworthy
Song: Goin’ to the Country
Genre: Country
Why you should hear it: Fans of traditional country will want to get their hands on this wholesome, down-home-picked debut single from the Tennessee native. Kenworthy — whose previous performance credits include the Grand Ole Gospel Hour — sounds like he would fit right in with the genre’s forefathers.

Artist: Fake Dad
Song: Painkiller
Genre: Alt-pop
Why you should hear it: If you’re into anthemic, synth-heavy alternative pop, you’re going to dig the latest single from this Brooklyn-based duo. Frontwoman Andrea DeVarona wrote “Painkiller” as an ode to partner and bandmate Josh Ford’s struggle with addiction, and it has since taken on a broader meaning “about self-sedation as a result of chronic existential pain, getting to a breaking point, and making an epic plea for reassurance that you’re going to get through it.”

Artist: Maryanna Devlin
Song: Cut & Run
Genre: Folk/Acoustic
Why you should hear it: Accompanying Devlin’s searching, Stevie Nicks inspired vocals and the pensive, acoustic guitar-driven soundscape is a story about finding out that, contrary to what seems like popular belief, you are good enough.

“For me, this song is about letting go of other people’s opinions and also about gaslighting,” Devlin explains. “People saying things are different from how you remember them is messed up, and that’s basically what this is about.”

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