LISTEN: The Mad Sugars Opt for a Night In with ‘Sweatpants’

Who needs to go out, when you have everything you need right at home?

The Mad Sugars‘ latest single, “Sweatpants,” trades in the band’s typical nightlife misadventures for a cozy night of takeout, binge watching, and spending time in the arms of the one you love. A duet between Mad Sugars’ frontman Adam Lawrence and pop/soul singer Chelcie Jette, “Sweatpants” is consistent The Mad Sugars’ penchant for delivering hook-laden dance-rock anthems. However, the tune’s lyrical content — combined with a certain dreamy ambiance brought to life by guitarist Spencer Woodley — will empower the listener to forfeit their place on the dance floor, in favor of a rainy night tucked away from the outside world.

Baby, put your sweatpants on, and hop into bed with this one!

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