It ‘Feels Good 2 Be Alive’ When We Vibe to This New Foundation Mecca EP

In just three tracks, Foundation Mecca showcases his versatility on the new EP, Feels Good 2 Be Alive.

The Nashville-based emcee — one of the leaders of the Heal Hop movement, and part of lyrical hip hop trio Heru Heru — dropped the EP this past Friday. True to form, Foundation’s penchant for quick-flowing, thoughtful verses proves to be well intact on the opening (title) track, which blends nicely into the infectious cadence we hear on the slower-burning, Wu Tang-inspired “Dojo.”

However, it is the closing track — the timeless Caribbean-influenced pop song “My Love” — which offers an intriguing sample of Foundation’s other talents. Made for the beach, “My Love” is a dreamy summertime bop that feels radio-ready, with Foundation trading quick-hitting verses for a lighthearted, hypnotic melody.

Indeed, it Feels Good 2 Be Alive when we know that Nashville’s many talented hip hop artists are always hard at work in the lab developing projects like this one. Check it out!

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