UMC20: The Best of September 2022

Do you feel that chill in the air? Better put on some FIRE to keep us warm.

This month was full of fire, and we’re here to let it burn. These 20 tracks are a glorious snapshot of what September had to offer, weaving through genres and moods to create one true eclectic, yet unified masterpiece.

Let’s not delay. Get to it!

Track listing
Dirty Heads – Little Things
Moonroof – Maybe Crazy
The Mad Sugars ft. Chelcie Jette – Sweatpants
Mikey Ball and The Company – Burning All Night
The Dead Bolts – The Throes
Juliana Hale – Vendetta
Jasce – Searching for Gold
Fake Dad – Painkiller
Ria Barkr – Monday
Foundation Mecca – Dojo
Eli Montanna – Rich
Kfhox – Work It Girl (Whatchu Want)
Stacey Kelleher – Broke In
Chayla Hope – Long Way
ARREIS – Best Worst Love
Andrew LaVogue – Cherry Valley Waltz
Sid Seth – Simple Yet True
Kyshona – Rise the Tide
Erin McLendon – Pretty Blue Eyes
Chris Shiflett – Born & Raised

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