Songs You Should Hear About the Process of Letting Go

Autumn has always been known as an emotionally-stirring time of year. As the warm summer sun fades and the seasons change, we assess the journey as we come to the year’s home stretch. We learn what to keep near, as well as which layers to shed.

These three songs deal with the latter part of that equation — and the ways we often struggle to do so, in search of brighter days.

Artist: Aliza Hava
Song: Emotion Tide
Genre: Country rock
Why you should hear it: This one’s got some soul! This scintillating blend of country, folk, rock, and R&B is accented with the gentle touch of Spanish guitars, as Hava’s healing words give us the strength to let go — of old patterns, and of the emotions we hold back.

Artist: Haley Ganis
Song: Now & Then
Genre: Indie pop
Why you should hear it: With a cool, ambient soundscape and a wistful vocal, the New York native gives us an inside look at the little reminders that lead to the volatile waves of post-breakup recovery.

“I tend to dwell on the past and obsess over things until they drive me insane, but really try to come across as totally okay when I’m around people,” Ganis said. “With “Now & Then,” I wanted to dig into that post-breakup rollercoaster of trying to move on from an ex, but feeling really at the same time.”

Artist: Mikki Zip
Song: Losing Me
Genre: Country
Why you should hear it: Taking sonic inspiration from Carly Pearce’s latest album, this self-proclaimed “sad girl country” tune is about a lover who keeps winning at just about everything in life — except his relationship.

“‘Losing Me’ is a song about a heart that has had enough,” Zip said. “It talks about someone who is seemingly good at everything in his life; he’s always been the star of the show and really a winner, but when it came to the relationship, he always lost. After going around in circles for a while, the girl decides it’s finally enough.”

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