UMC20: Reaping the Musical Harvest (Oct. 4, 2022)

This week’s UMC20 is packed with gorgeous soundscapes, heartfelt stories, and even a few bangers sprinkled in.

We’ve had a couple weeks to re-load our stockpile of fresh jams, and we’re reaping the musical harvest here today. Have a seat at our table and dig in!

Track listing
S-Wrap, Rashad thaPoet, and The Varsity – New Day
Ah-Deli ft. TIPTOP and Just Vibez – Live My Life
Zoie X – HATE ME 2
Ruby Rae – Queen of Wands
Haley Ganis – Now & Then
Lindsey Sampson – Night Driving
Amanda Stewart – Saved
Aliza Hava – Emotion Tide
Adam Paddock and Katie Lynne Sharbaugh – Stay Close to Me
Mikki Zip – Losing Me
J.Antonette – Alone
Malachi McNeill – Dear First Love
Wesley David – Easy For You
David Beck – Miner’s Song
Tanatswa Estina. – Sadder Than I Thought
Jamal Tinkov – Let’s Be Friends?!
The Cabaret Quicksand – Seeing Things I Didn’t Before
Eric & The Soo – Moneytown
Louis Coupe – Where Did the Time Go?
Andrew LaVogue – A Summer Night

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