LISTEN: Viper Club Wants You to ‘Come Thru’

Viper Club is made up of four manifestations of pure rock and roll hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Frontman Jack VanDerPol (vocals), brother Nate VanDerPol (drums), long-time friend Carl Gumpert (bass), and seasoned musician Gianni Jinx (guitar).

Okay, guys. I know it’s going to take some time to trust me and the picks I feature. I’m willing to be the obnoxiously persistent friend, a la Joe Pesci’s character Leo Getz in Lethal Weapon 2. I’m also striving to be the dependable 2 a.m. infomercial that you just eventually give into and watch in its entirety. These are roles I’m willing to adapt in order to nourish this new friendship of ours. I want to make you happy. I want to serve you endless slices of ear cake you can unabashedly share with everyone you know — mainly by smashing their faces into it.

Be warned, dolls. I’m coming in hot like Aladdin asks of Jasmine, and I want you to trust me. Keep your ears open to what I’m about to lay down. I know we’ve only known each other for a movie minute, but I’ll be the genie granting you wishes you never thought you had. Over. And over. 

I have developed a fine-tuned, exceptional process for when it’s time to sit down and digest the beautiful and delicate layers of the art of a song or album, so I can present it to you in a performative way. I breathe it in, consume it slowly, chew each bite thirty-two times, and ask for another serving, until I’m entirely satisfied.

When you’re listening with friends and someone doesn’t stop you to ask, “Woah, woah… what are we listening to?”, I have failed you insurmountably, and you’re more than welcome to let me know.

This week, we are going to keep with the “come as you are” theme, with the group Viper Club pumping their fists out of Phoenix. With fashion sense straight out of a Quentin Tarantino film, these guys are going to want you to get your pleather pants from the deepest corner of your closet, so you can high kick with panache.

The Viper Club sounds like a Foo Fighters sandwich with The Darkness serving as the organic, seven-grain — nay — 12-grain pieces of bread holding the mouthwatering, distinctive snack together. 

You’re trying to be in the mood, wanting to enjoy a day that’s slow moving, and you need some motivational, “fuck yeah!” tunes with attitude, spunk, and riffs that force you to move. These guys put out tunes so you can move your hips and feel your dreamiest as you get ready for a night out, or feel motivated to get out of bed and conquer the Monday blues.

Their single, “Come Thru,” starts out with an effervescent intro I can only surmise as Will Ferrell guest starring with his cow bell, to effortlessly transition their way to an instantly head bobbing guitar riff that keeps you hooked. When Jack VanDerPol belts out the first line, I can’t help but yell “Do you hear this?!” over the song to whoever is next to me. Mainly because it’s blasting at deafening levels.

This quick song, barely over two minutes, showcases lyrics that tell the story of a steamy, fast-moving hook up, and then shifts into taking it slow, where we learn about each other and “maybe talk about the weather?”.

Check out all of Viper Club’s news and tour dates on their Instagram here.

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