Songs You Should Hear: Seeking Love? A Fresh Start? A Bargain?

Bright soundscapes and fun storytelling are the order of the day for this week’s Songs You Should Hear.

Seeking affection? We’ve got just the thing! Prefer to achieve dopamine hits through retail therapy? We’ve got that, too. There’s even a song in here that will take you on a spiritual, serendipitous journey!

The only thing left for you to do is jump in and explore these tunes for yourself!

Artist: DaChri
Song: Something to Somebody
Genre: Pop/R&B
Why you should hear it: Don’t we all just want to be loved? That’s the essence of this fresh cut from The Boy They Left Behind, who begins a new chapter with silky R&B vocals over an ethereal pop instrumental, which was crafted by producer Joshua Rodriguez (Illa Noize).

Artist: Jed Harrelson
Song: Deena
Genre: Soul
Why you should hear it: First of all, if you like big horns and a groove to make you move, this track has everything you could ever want or need.

As for the story behind it? It’s about a woman Harrelson met who provided him with an involuntary psychic reading, which gave him the confidence to move to Nashville from his native Arkansas to chase his dream.

Artist: Samuel Herb
Song: This Dress Has Pockets
Genre: Pop/Rock
Why you should hear it: This one is a brilliantly bubbly piece of songwriting, capturing the joy found in life’s simple discoveries (in this case, those of the retail variety). Herb does an excellent job sharing in and communicating that joy through clever lyricism and a singalong melody, layered over a triumphantly sunny soundscape.

Also, look at that single artwork. How could we not feature this one?

What do you think we should hear? You’re always welcome to let us know! And, if you’re an artist (or represent an artist), you can fill out one of these forms to put your music on our radar!

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