UMC20: The Musical Harvest Continues (Oct. 11, 2022)

With every week that goes by, the independent musicians of Earth continue bringing the HEAT.

It means we’ll never run out of choice cuts to feature on UMC20 (and elsewhere within this wild and wacky UMC ecosystem). And, while that lends us to make tough calls as to what to include, and where to slot each submission onto the playlist, rest assured that we’d rather have too much than too little.

If you’re a musician reading this, the best way to get on our radar is to submit your tunes here. And, while you head over to the forms and tell us everything we need to know about your music, enjoy this week’s edition of UMC20 for inspiration!

Track listing
Lore City – Animate
S-Wrap, Rashad thaPoet, and The Varsity – Luxury
Emory Jaymz – Smokin’ Gas
Snailmate – Trash, Baby
DaChri – Something to Somebody
Gal Musette – Je Vois Le Ciel
Natasha Blaine – Vegas
Jed Harrelson – Deena
Julian Fulco Perron – Hawaiian Sunshine
Samuel Herb – This Dress Has Pockets
Erin McLendon – Sunday Crowd
Ruby Rae – Desperate Things
J.Antonette – White Lines
Marc Ambrosia – Cold Shoulder
Amelie Jat – Electric Butterflies
Pinkfiz – 318
The Derevolutions – Get High and Listen to Music
Viper Club – Come Thru
Stellar Ash – Be OK
STORM FORCE – Uninvited

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