LISTEN: On ‘i can’t,’ Sarah Faith Separates the Real from the Fake

“I can’t imagine you’d stay seated at this table if it was turned.”

No toxic relationship dynamic is worth sacrificing your own sense of self-worth. Regardless of our connection, sometimes the only choice we have is to walk away.

Sarah Faith explores that idea on ‘i can’t,” a single from her 2021 album, Lessons From The Archives. The Michigan-born, Nashville-based Americana artist — known for her vulnerable, from-the-heart storytelling — explores how to find oneself amidst the chaos of lies, judgment, and deception.

“This song was written about a real instance in my life where i had some long-time friends decide not to be there for me when I needed them the most. It’s about discovering who’s real and who’s not,” Sarah said. “It’s about understanding that you don’t have to allow people and their negativity in your circle. It’s about the times when we choose to judge people on things we have done ourselves — when finger pointing turns into hypocrisy, and when there’s pure neglect for realizing that we’re all human, make mistakes, and deserve to be loved and forgiven.”

“i can’t” came together in a couple of hours during an inspired solo writing session. Sarah’s robust vocals reside atop a multi-layered sonic landscape that burns with resolve, and which blends blues-tinted heartache with shades of country, indie rock, and soul.

Check out ‘i can’t” within the full album, Lessons from the Archives, below!

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