Wellness and Creativity: 7 Tips for Top Performance

A couple weeks back, we examined the idea (i.e.; the absolute myth) of overnight success. Despite all superficial appearances, the sudden media darlings that we encounter in the world of entertainment have put in years – perhaps even decades – of work to have that one moment that, in the public’s purview, puts them on the map.

In case you haven’t read that piece (and would like a partial spoiler), we established that success is not a destination, but a journey; a continuous process marked by incremental steps that serve to bring us to a better version of our creative visions, every single time. We covered the ways to improve your mindset and your circle, so that you can find the inspiration to keep going – even when the going gets tough.

Those tactics are only a piece of the puzzle. The fact is that our creative journey is powered by the human being behind it, and that human being has undeniable physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that must not be ignored. Making sure these needs are met makes it more likely that we will be able to function at an optimal human level, making it just a tad easier to show up for our lofty goals and aspirations.

If we don’t show up for those needs? We’re only making our own journeys more difficult.

With that, let’s dive into some wellness practices that will help you maximize your human performance, while making your creative output a little more robust!

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