How To Get Involved in Your Local Music Scene, Pt. 3: Getting Ready to Make Your Pitch

Every musician has a story to tell, and the opportunity to communicate that story to the masses in the digital age. There are countless media outlets – from independent blogs and podcasts, all the way up to nationally- and globally-recognized publications – that could serve as a launching pad to build awareness for your artistry. Even so, most artists – especially those toward the beginning of their creative journeys – don’t know where to begin.

That’s where I come in! As the founder of UMC and the architect of our Perfect Your Pitch course, I have received thousands upon thousands of music submissions over the years. With that, I have teamed up with Music on the Move Studios, compiling my near-decade of experience as an independent media creator to offer you some tips on how to make sure your pitch stands out above the rest.

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