UMC20: Hard-Hitting Anthems and Chill Vibes (Nov. 8, 2022)

It’s a high-powered, rock-heavy start to this week’s UMC20 playlist. That’s where it starts, but it’s not where it ends up.

You’ll notice different moods and genres gradually peppering their way in as you progress through this week’s 20-track volume. And, for all of the frenetic energy that starts things off, by the end of the ride, you’ll be vibing on a completely different wavelength.

Track listing
The Mad Sugars – New York Girls
Lonely Little Kitsch – The New Scene
The Wistful Larks – Steve McQueen
The Intrusion – Gemstone Eyes
DREAMERS – Internet Junkie
Hot Work – Baby Boy
Slumlord Radio – Till The Wheels Fall Off
The Late Arrivals Club – Take My Hand and Run
Stone Senate – Dead and the Dying
Billy Lord – Section 318
Lindsey Sampson – Gifted
Stephen Babcock – All I Can Do
Amber Westerman – Sunflowers
Mandy Moon – Drive
Dylan – Nothing Lasts Forever
Little Hurt ft. The Ready Set – Buttercup
Jus Daze – Insecurity
Chxrry22 – Call Me
Julia Kahn – Need You Here
Kevin Ross – Sweet Release

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