PREMIERE: TopHouse Wants You to Look Out for ‘Number One’

Number One by TopHouse

TopHouse’s quick rise in social media popularity has launched the Nashville-based folk-pop band into virality. And, once you hear their music, you’ll understand exactly why.

Their new single, “Number One,” showcases lyrical depth that honors the complex, yet familiar arrangement and melody that carry those lyrics directly into your soul.

First off, if you haven’t heard their last single, “The Mountain Song,” stop what you’re doing right now and go take a listen. You’re gonna need it for better quality of life context. Side by side with current release, “Number One,” you’ll be doused with the spectrum of TopHouse’s musical and lyrical style. Interestingly, if we were to throw these two songs into a mixing bowl, we’d have the ingredients for a perfect relationship: “Mountain Song: brought us ethereal, passionate, whirlwind, everlasting love, and on “Number One,” we get a dose of grounding, calm, stable, and introspective partnership. TopHouse seriously gives us everything we need.

I’ve been workin’ on myself
You’ve been going through some things
Let’s get at least this one thing straight
I can be the one you want
(But) you are all you ever need

-TopHouse, “Number One,”

“Number One” is a song after my own heart. It is sung from the perspective of one caring individual to another — although I implied romance above, this relationship could between friends, lovers, or family. It’s applicable in all scenarios, and addresses the deepest, truest expressions of love and self-love: telling the hard truths and facing them together, and holding one another accountable (and encouraging one another to hold ourselves accountable) for our own happiness, while providing support in doing so. The takeaway is essentially “I will give everything I can to make you happy, but ultimately, you have to provide that for yourself.”

It’s a little frightening 
It’s not what you wanna hear
Lookin in is also lookin’ out
Lookin’ out for number one

-TopHouse, “Number One”

Normalizing mental health and vulnerability is a trend that, personally, I am here for. Topics like this — celebrating and encouraging healthy interpersonal relationships — are so important to empower and get behind, so I am overjoyed to hear it explored in musical context this way. 

But… it almost didn’t happen.

“The guitar part was born a few years before the song was written actually, and for the life of me, I just couldn’t get it to be a song. I tried a few times, but scrapped it each time,” explained frontman and lead songwriter Jesse Davis. “Then, I revisited the song, because it just felt too good to give up, with the notion to try out some of Max Martin’s songwriting and arranging tips. And for whatever reason, that time it worked. The songwriting gods smiled down on me that day.”

We are so thankful they did.

You’ll be hearing a lot more coming from this energetic folk-pop band of Nashville locals. Their upcoming EP will be released this winter, and guess what? You’ll hear it here first! Keep your eyes and ears out for that, and in the meantime, listen to “Number One” below. You’ll also want to make sure you’re not missing out on their feisty Tiktok and Instagram content. They are well worth the follow.

One more thing! If you’re reading this on release day (11/11/22) and you’re in the Nashville area, head on out to Joelton Hardware to catch their show tonight!

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