UMC20: The Best of November 2022

How is it already the end of November?

That means 2022 is almost over. That means the holiday season is officially in full swing. That also means that it’s time for another monthly UMC20 Best Of compilation.

Lots of tough choices were made, but overall, we think we’ve put together a nice representation of how stellar November 2022 has been. You be the judge!

Track listing
The Mad Sugars – New York Girls
f1oater. – CARDBOARD
Lonely Little Kitsch – The New Scene
Soheill – The Antagonist
HARBOUR – Swimming in My Head
Multi Ultra – Yes or No
ARREIS – Straight to Hell
Arletta Marie – Trouble
Sid Seth – Caffeine High
Amber Westerman – Sunflowers
Mandy Moon – Drive
Little Hurt ft. The Ready Set – Buttercup
OnenO ft. Anastasia Elliot – The Shattering
Colaine – SUCKS TO BE YOU!
Zoie X – love u 2 death
DaChri – Unfiltered
Morgan Bosman & Lawrence D – Let’s Ride
Caitlin Quisenberry – Cowboys Make Better Lovers
Ty Warner – Blink of an Eye
Rome & Duddy – I’ll Be Right Here

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