Songs You Should Hear: Love, Lust, and Despair

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Anyway, onto this week’s Songs You Should Hear…

Artist: ARREIS
Song: Silver Lining
Genre: Dark Pop
Why You Should Hear It: ARREIS’ final single before the release of her forthcoming album is her personal favorite; a heart-wrenching ballad about “a prodigal daughter that carelessly slips into a serious drug addiction due to the greed of the person she falls for” — and who realizes that, if not for her addiction to love, she would have never sunk to deeper depths.

Artist: Kate Odulukwe
Song: Let’s Get Lost (Na Ala Eze)
Genre: R&B/Afrobeat
Why You Should Hear It: Are you ready for a cosmic connection? This celestial new release from the Nigerian-American songstress will surely get you in the mood.

“Specifically, the song explores how powerful intimacy can be, and how the feelings that come with that kind of connection can feel otherworldly,” she said. “In the context of the song, I’m using the phrase “Na Ala Eze” to say let’s go to another place — a better, almost heavenly place.”

Artist: Lewis Capaldi
Song: Pointless
Genre: Pop/Rock
Why You Should Hear It: This one is an ultra-powerful offering from the Scottish-born songsmith; a showstopping ballad about a love that endures through internal and external challenges. It’s a must-listen for this winter!

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