WATCH: Roi and the Secret People Land a ‘Golden’ Opportunity

Where will you be when opportunity comes calling?

That is the premise of Roi and the Secret People’s new video for their 2022 single, “Golden.” Shot by True Fold Media in Pennsylvania, the video begins with frontman Mike Roi at the end of a long day of landscaping work. After receiving a phone call about a gig that seems juuuust out of reach by car, Roi’s colleague comes up with an idea to get the entire band there in time.

From there, we see the other members of the band — guitarist Ed Golden, keyboardist Madelaine Elizabeth, bassist Glen Radomski, and drummer Pete Ciccone — receiving word of the gig. One by one, they drop what they were doing, and assemble at an airplane hangar like a quintet of rock and roll Avengers.

Of course, you can listen to “Golden” alongside the rest of Roi and the Secret People’s catalog right over here. Before you do that, check out the video!

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