Heal to the Sound of The Runaway Grooms’ ‘Heartwork’

Sometimes, a song comes along that feels like a warm embrace; an assurance as the world closes in that everything is, in fact, going to be OK.

In that sense, Denver’s The Runaway Grooms have struck gold with their new single, “Heartwork.”

The band’s latest cut from the forthcoming album, This Road (Feb. 10), sweeps in on the gentle breeze of sun-kissed guitar tones and a mellow drum procession that feels as comforting as the arm of an old friend draped over our shoulder. From there, vocalist/guitarist Adam Tobin walks with the listener, pledging help in the face of whatever challenges — large or small — may arise.

Then, about three-and-a-half minutes in, a sense of resilience sweeps in. Mid-tempo tenderness is traded for the bright, urgent tones of keyboardist Cody Scott. From there, we ascend into a triumphant, shout-along jam led by blistering, Allman-esque guitars and the repeated full-band refrain of “Heartwork is hard, hard work” to let us know that, even on the worst days, we can all lean on each other.

“When writing the song, we felt as if it wanted to keep going. And so, the song ends with an anthem-like revival that is intended to lift the spirits of the listeners and inspire them to keep working on the heart work,” the band exclaims. “We dedicate this song to everyone who is struggling with mental health; may it be a reminder of your true potential for positivity, self-love and self-development.”

Let’s do the “Heartwork” (the hard, hard work) together, shall we?

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