Our First NashLive! Cobra Series Lineup of 2023 is Here

Strap in, y’all. It’s about to get real in here.

We’ll be back at The Cobra — located at 2511 Gallatin Ave. in Nashville — on Friday, February 10 with a dynamic night of female-fronted pop, rock, soul, R&B, and more!

Pairing smooth, yet dynamic vocal melodies with full-band instrumentals, Chelcie Jette writes and creates with a vibe in mind. What is that vibe? Think a dim light room cast in bright purples and pinks, plush seating scattering the floors, and a dreamy haze that envelops the air.

Following the building momentum of noteworthy releases, national performances and festival plays including stops at MajorStage, Sofar Sounds, and iHeartRadio in NYC under a former stage name, R&B singer-songwriter Ria Barkr surrendered to the universe and began looking inward during the global shutdown. As a result, she tapped into a fountain of creativity that flowed out of the chanteuse, and into a fresh collection of new songs. Now, Ria is already a promising R&B trailblazer in her own right who’s not afraid to change the game.

Ex-church girl turned extravagant frontman, ARREIS uses her intensity intertwined with intimacy to capture the hearts and minds of her audience. In each album, ARREIS blends other genres with her mainstream dark pop sound to fit a specific mood and color (“synesthesia”). With aspirations of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, she is a meticulous band leader and bona fide diva, making her live shows stadium-ready.

Tickets for our first NashLive! show of the year are $10, with a pre-sale to be announced shortly. Doors are at 8 p.m., music starts at 8:30, and you must be 21+ to enter. Check out the artists below, and check in here for another glimpse of what’s to come between NashLive! and Cobra throughout the year!

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