UMC20: Open the Flood Gates! (Jan. 17, 2023)

Last week, we told you we were sitting on a treasure trove of upcoming submissions. This week, we’re excited to tell you that many of them have made their ways into the world!

Seriously, we’re amazed. How do you all ensure that we have a fresh bounty of sounds to compile every single week? Credit goes to the indie musicians of Earth for always making this happen, without question.

Track listing
Teagan Stewart – Country Deal Breaker
Noelle McFarland – Windows Down
Erin O’Dowd – Old Town
Travis Feutz – Cowboy Songs
Rome & Duddy – Coast of Mexico
Jordyn Delzer – The Weed Song
TopHouse – Wine or the Weather
The Goudies – Two (The East Street Deli Session)
The Legendary Ten Seconds – Princess of Aragon
Chris Walton – Cravin’
Meg Rilley – Call Me
Pepperwood – Cup of Tea
Forge Hounds – Damned If You Don’t
Foxtrot & The Get Down – Rollin’ Sevens (Until I Disappear)
The Parasocial Club – Nectar
Caitlin Mae – Fiona
The Frst ft. Ryan Prewett – Scary Movie
Chiiara – Shocked
Chico Rose ft. Afrojack and Mougleta – Alone Again
Donny Apollo – Glory

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