LISTEN: On ‘Godless,’ Fyre Byrd Breaks the Rules (The Right Way)

This Thursday on The Quinn Spinn, we’re thrilled to welcome Fyre Byrd. Now based in Nashville, this Australian-born brother-sister duo is bursting onto the local scene with a brand of loud, emotional music that often defies genre conventions.

If you want an example of that, look no further than their new single, “Godless,” released this past Friday.

“Godless” begins with an electro-industrial beat and a hypnotic, chant-like refrain from vocalist SamtrĂ©. From there, the single features moments of subdued, yet simmering tension, which proceed to explode into loud sonic bursts that reside at the intersection of hard rock and hyperpop. These intense moments are hallmarked by ultra-fuzzy guitars and relentless, tribalistic work behind the kit, courtesy of drummer Breeze.

Also noteworthy is SamtrĂ©’s impressive vocal versatility, which enables him to match the energy of each moment presented on “Godless.” The single’s softer moments are accompanied by sweet, vulnerable tones. Yet, when the level of intensity shoots skyward, he matches it with seemingly effortless precision, adding to the flurry of powerful emotions that sweep in with each crescendo.

There’s nothing else quite like this in Nashville — and possibly, anywhere else. Check out “Godless” below, and make sure you follow The Quinn Spinn to catch this Thursday’s episode with Fyre Byrd!

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